Camarones Al Pastor

It is summer time here in Chicago, even with all the covid issues and restaurants being hurt with almost new good news in sight. There has been a glimmer of hope, with the reopening of patio dining it has let us once again be able to go out eat, laugh and be inspired by dishes from talented chefs. On one fateful night I happened to walk into a neighborhood restaurant that focuses on Mexican cuisine. As always my eyes were drawn to the specials of the evening and in particular one dish that i have never seen before. Camarones Al Pastor, growing up in a Mexican household al pastor was a dish we were all to familiar with. But never in this light, first it wasnt pork it was shrimp second it wasn’t in a tortilla it was on a bed of rice. The dish was light and delicut with hints of smoke and then sweetness, the colors vibrant and robust. It was the perfect summer dish. So I decided like any chef would, let’s make it. So here you go, Camarones Al Pastor.


8oz Shrimp Peeled and Deveined

2oz Al Pastor Marinade

1 Onion Julienne

3oz Pineapple Julienne

1oz fresh cilantro

Salt and PepperOlive Oil

ProcedureStep 1 Heat your pan and add your olive oil heat till you see smoke

Step 2 Add shrimp, and onions, salt and pepper, saute till shrimp are half way cooked

Step 3 Add Al Pastor Marinade finish cooking shrimp till fully cooked

Step 4 Finish with pineapple and cilantro

So once your done with all the steps your dish is fully ready to serve, now for the fun part. You can serve this dish with many options, like rice, salad, or veggies. I attached a video that will guide you through all the steps to make this dish. Remember put your spin on this and make it yours.

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